What to do-better get on the Scleranthus and Cerato

What to do-better get on the Scleranthus and Cerato

I have been spending approximately 4 hours each weekday writing. Not that it's proper 'writing' but I am reading my way through a 'how to' book about screenplay writing and taking down notes plus challenging myself with the assignments at the end of each chapter. I know that this screenplay is supposed to be written but I also want to make some contribution to our finances because living in two homes is not the most cost-effective way family-living.

So, today, after meditation, I decided that I would put out some feelers for work in the writing arena. I love to write and will write about pretty much anything that I'm interested in or have experience in. Writing this blog is a bit of a break from my investigations and deliberations and, when I signed in and saw the title-space, I pondered which remedies I'm needing, to put in that space.

I have just signed up to a freelance writers website but when I went into the 'apply for jobs' tab, it stated that I needed to upgrade my membership to apply-don't you just hate when you've wasted time signing up for a 'free' something that turns out to be useless unless you pay for it? So, I was debating 'will I/won't I ?' when I saw my website-tab was open and decided to come in here and write, to clear my head and 'poof' the title box helped me to decide to take the remedies for decision-making.

Scleranthus is a great remedy for that 'will I/won't I?' type of decision. You know, the one where you have 2 options and both have their positives and you swing back and forth between the choices. Red dress vs black dress; John vs Jack; Heinz beans vs Branston beans; Win vs no wine....you get the idea.

Bill has often joked about leaving me with 2 tins of beans in my hands and going off to do the rest of the grocery-shop to return to find me in the same spot, trying to make a decision. Now that story seems familiar and apologies if you have been subjected to it several times before. It maybe is just a deja vu which is another hint for a remedy that I am needed at this present time. I will finish with the decision-makers first, tho'.

Back to Scleranthus (which looks scarier than it actually sounds) and it can be very helpful in making that choice between 2 things. It can also be very helpful, if you are having mood swings (even your mood can't decide what it wants to do) Hot flushes (your temp keeps swinging from one extreme to the other) or your appetite has a mind all of it's own in that one day you feel like you could eat a scabby horse compared to the previous day where you wanted nothing at all to eat.

All forms of indecision......just that your body isn't often given that kind of interpretation.

Cerato is a different kettle of fish......ones who are swimming around in the decision they know that they want to make but they are just not brave enough to make it....without someone else agreeing that it's the right move. This can lead to time-wasting and also wrong decisions being made because, if a stronger personality keeps telling you that their idea is better, then your lack of trust in your gut instincts will lead you to become dissatisfied after you do the 'wrong' thing for you. That has happened to me on many occasions and I don't want it to happen around this new world of mine which is totally mine and nobody elses to run.

Hornbeam is the remedy for those who are stuck in a rut (hardly me) or bored (not me either) or who procrastinate (I battle with that one) or who wake up more tired than they felt when they went to bed (bing) or who experience a lot of deja vu (thats me) and who get tired at the thought of doing certain things (double bing) For me, Hornbeam usually helps me to take the mundane things (laundry, dusting, shopping) and change them from being 'this again' to being totally emotionless and sometimes even enjoyable.

And, on that note, I am going to go make myself a mix and go to the bank (which I've been putting off for absolutely no good reason) and decide what I am going to make us for dinner. I am also going to decide which projects to plow my energies into.

Maybe I just needed a break from my 'usual' today or perhaps the few inquiries I have sent out may yield a miracle. My affirmation concludes its 21 days today, so the universe has something to 'cough up'....with my help, of course.

Love to all of you and 'Happy decision-making', folks.


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