What's behind your tiredness? Take Olive and have a look.

What's behind your tiredness? Take Olive and have a look.

Happy Wednesday and I'm happy to report that this blog is being written at the main computer, with me sitting upright and feeling nearly human.......at last. It has been a very long but very quick 2 weeks since I became unwell-a paradox that I'm sure most of you will understand. Where did my 2 weeks go? Why did it take me so long to recover? Neither question really needs an answer but the questions have been asked. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't need to curl up and have a nap, for more than 2 weeks. Looking back, there were signs that my system was a bit below par. I was needing to have naps and that's not normal for me unless I am requiring different remedies because I'm off balance-usually it's when I'm feeling overwhelmed, in some way.

Sometimes even the practitioner misses the signs and perhaps if I'd been paying attention, I could have prevented my illness-even if it was the Brie. Dr Bach was a very big advocate of wellness being linked to emotional balance and I am totally onboard with that which is why I find that I don't really get sick. I have a pretty good handle on my emotional status most of the time and this one snuck by me because I was really tired. Was I taking Olive? (for exhaustion) Nope-I was taking naps instead. In my way of thinking I've learned at least one thing from my illness-so there is a silver lining. Next time I'm taking naps in the middle of the day I need to take Olive and have a look underneath the tiredness to see what my body is trying to tell me. No doubt I'll then find the emotion that's out of whack and be able to keep my immune system in top-form.

The Bach Remedies are very underused by the general population because people (like I just did) don't recognise that stress comes in many shapes and forms. Tiredness is usually the product of one of your other emotions being out of balance. But if you are someone who is constantly tired, taking Olive will help with that and will also help you to see the reason why you are so tired. Admittedly, having small children is always going to cause sleep deprivation and so you may think that there is nothing to be done. Taking Olive will help you to keep going and to have a better quality of sleep, when you do curl up for a wee while. It might also give you the space to see different ways in which you are using your energy in ways you could change. Perhaps you run around trying to be everything to everyone? Perhaps you feel guilty if you sit down for some quiet time, doing nothing. Perhaps you feel that everything needs to be neat as a pin or peole will think you are not coping?

I've been there and done that and was obviously not meant to have had the remedies in my life at that point. I believe that my knowledge and experiences with the remedies in the last 10 years are to help me pass on to others how much they can help in specific or everyday life situations. I think of myself as a control group and whilst I didn't have the remedies when my kids were tiny, I remember all the emotions that went on, at those times. I have now experienced pretty much all of the emotions that the 38 remedies are for and can translate that into how the remedies could have helped me in situations that I have lived through prior to my discovering them. One of those being parenthood-the early years.

So, if you're a young mum or a not so young mum, with young kids (you'll be even more tired) the Bach Flower Remedies can help you with everything you may be feeling. From resentment at your partner for his lack of understanding, through impatience when the kids won't get out the door when you are late, to the feeling like your head may explode because you can't pretend that everything is "fine" for much longer. I've been to the depths of despair and been terrified of hurting one of my kids because my emotions were so out of balance. The first couple of times round, I took antidepressants and there is definately a place for those drugs. The 3rd time round, I was lucky enough to discover the Bach Flower Remedies and I haven't looked at despair or losing control since.

Believe me when I say that these simple remedies can lift you up and help you to be happy. I'm not doing a sales pitch for consultations, I just want to reach as many people as possible to help them help themselves and the remedies are such an easy way to do that. You can get them in over 70 countries and there will be a place near you that will have them-you just never knew to look. And if you decide to try them and you can't locate them, then give me a shout and I'll be able to help-even if it means me mailing you some. Choose to be happy today. Don't wait till the kids sleep through the night. Don't wait till you get out of that job you hate. Don't wait till you find that perfect man. Choose to be happy today. I do, every day and even when I was sick, I wasn't feeling resentful or sorry for myself. I used Crab Apple (for cleansing) Star of Bethlehem (for shock to my system) and that much needed Olive, for tiredness.

And what have I found? Well, I'm procrastinating on an awful lot of things and so I've put Hornbeam into my new mix. It will help me to feel less heavy headed in the morning and will hopefully kick start my motivation for both my writing and my teaching. The fact that I edited a bit of my book a couple of days ago and that I have written this in the morning are good signs of what will hopefully come.

And on that note I'm off to change the title of this blog. It was supposed to be about the upcoming exams and the stress for everyone that goes with this time of the year. Maybe that will be next week?

Have a wonderful week,

Much love to all, Lxx

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