When something goes wrong, The Bach Flower Remedy Gentian will help.........so will a sip of wine.

When something goes wrong, The Bach Flower Remedy Gentian will help.........so will a sip of wine.

This is an email that I sent a friend a while ago, after I read that she'd suffered a similar problem to mine. She chose to meditate, when her ipad ran out of power and potentially lost her important work. I chose a sip of wine and Bach Flower Remedies. The remedies worked pretty instantly and allowed me to sip the rest of the wine, rather than glug it down and refill it.. Happy Sunday folks. Lxx

Good morning, my friend,
I just had to send you a wee note about what happened to me last night, after reading your ipad story.
I had just read a FB post on parenting/discipline and rather than put a big 'rant' on the post, I posted that it had sparked my urge to write about it and that I would post a link later.
And so I started to write...and write, pouring out my heart about my experience of both being parented, watching/judging parenting and then finding my way into parenting. I even wrote that a new mum, very recently, called me an amazing mom......progress for someone who retreats from saying anything which may be construed as conceited.
As i got closer to the ending, I was thinking that perhaps this would be my first magazine article. After all, it was from my heart and soul, when 'poof' (your word) my screen froze......wh..a..at?
I tried several things (including banging the whole flippin' keyboard) to no avail. Jen googled Toshiba help (thank goodness my Blackberry was working and gets FB) and offered several pieces of advice. Bill was in the conversation and offered calm support but nothing worked. Not a thing I tried made the cursor appear or anything on my laptop work.
I poured myself a glass of wine and took a sip......and shut off the power, knowing that the piece had not been saved, As an invigilater, the thing you keep reminding the kids, through their I.T exams is 'Save your work'....it's the number 1 rule and I broke it and paid for it with the loss of my beautiful story.
A few tears squeezed themselves out and I (for the first time in my adult life) screamed out loud before taking some Gentian (to recover from a setback) and Vine (need to be in control) and within 2 minutes, I was giggling at myself and had let it go. I joked with Bill and Jen that the article must have been really bad if the Universe had deleted it and my higher self knew that it had happened for a reason.
Perhaps it was to show me how I still need to be in control and that wine is still a 'pull' when I feel angry and not in control? I was aware, when I poured it that it would not change the situation any. I have made such progress with my emotional acceptance and observations though and that one glass of wine lasted all evening and I didn't want or need another. The 'old' me would have punished myself, with lots more, trying to numb the anger....at myself for being so stupid as to not save my work. Don't worry, the stupid word is a past reference. I'm not stupid.....I did a non-mindful thing and will hopefully remember, in future, to save my work.......although, if it was that bad, maybe I oughtn't bother-lol.
Just thought you'd appreciate the story.....and hope that your work was saved. Mine tends to be, if my power runs out but obviously not when the Universe has other plans for it.

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