where does the time go??

where does the time go??

Rush, Rush, Rush-or not.............???

I actually actively try not to rush these days because it just makes me frazzled. Now I'm not saying that I'm comfy with being late but I get myself in much less of a knot if the unavoidable lateness happens.

I've discovered recently that I need to be taking Impatiens (for impatience) permenantly. It has the duel effect of keeping me calm and stopping my hot flushes!

Would I have said that I'm an impatient person? Mmm....? Would anyone outside my home think me impatient? No, I don't think that they would. It's been said that I have the 'patience of a Saint'  Did Saints also feel like their heads were going to pop-off from trying to maintain a very patient outward exterior?

I have realised that the reason Rescue Remedy works so well for me is related to the fact that I am impatient and  Rescue contains Impatiens. It also has Cherry Plum in it, for that feeling of "ready to explode and terrified to do so", which is where I find myself if I'm not taking my Impatiens.

Another remedy contained in Rescue Remedy is Clematis, which I put myself on yesterday to see if I could actually get things done rather than just plotting and planning them. I have to say that it's worked a treat and lots of little things have finally made it off my to-do list. The Clematis actually made me write the list first and foremost! I'd been planning for ages to make one because I work so much better with a list but I had done nothing past the planning stage! Dr Bach put Clematis into Rescue Remedy because often when we're in a stressful situation, it feels unreal and we can feel unfocussed. Clematis helps to bring you into the present and to focus on dealing with whatever is going on.

So, from my initial plan, to talk about time, I have just given you a wee lesson about 3 of the 5 remedies that make up that miracle mix that is Rescue Remedy!

And now it's time for bed as the clock's past 2300hrs. Isn't it amazing where time goes...Where does it go?

Have a happy week everyone,


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