You don't have to give to receive!

You don't have to give to receive!


I almost was going to skip this as the time is marching on and I've had a busy day. Seems to me that I'm never able to say "I'm really bored today and so will spend loads of time doing this blog to bore you!"

As (almost) always, it's good stuff that I'm busy with and it's all leading me somewhere exciting-I just don't know where, yet!!!!!

Tonight I was at the 50th anniversary concert for Duddingston Primary School (which I learned today was initially called Portobello High School Primary when it opened.) It was fantastic and I went in tired and not too enthused about the whole thing but came home wanting to go out to a disco!

I teach that the remedies don't put anything into you-they merely reach in and bring out something that is already there, like confidence, courage, faith etc. They can work like tonights concert did for me-it changed the tiredness to invigoration by stirring some memories that are already inside me, of my growing up and younger adulthood. The remedies can bring out hidden or forgotten emotions to balance out the negative ones you may be feeling.

Anyway-hats off to all who helped organise it and to all the kids who took part and obviously had a blast. It's wonderful to see the end product when you've heard about the trials and tribulations of the preparation. And for me, it was a lovely way to lift my spirits up-Thank you!

I learned another thing today and that was that I don't always have to have something to give. I am allowed to do the receiving and this is in regards to a simple energy exchange.

I have been a bit in hiding from some of my more spiritual, therapist friends and I think that it's because my energy was too low to spend time with them. I felt that I'd have nothing to give. My wonderful friend and mentor, Lorraine pointed out both the avoidance and this permission to just receive when I met her this morning for a much needed chat and latte.

It seems a strange idea to those of us who have always been told that "you don't give to receive" for it to be okay to "receive and not to give."

When you have friends who are true friends, though, they are there for you more than ever when your energy is low. They can help you lift yourself up again by allowing you to bathe in their positive energy. I have always been a giver and so it seems a little foreign to say "I'm empty-can you share?!" But this is now a thought for the future and as I learn to ask for more help it will allow my riend to know that it is okay to do the same. So, by asking for help I am actually helping them also.

The Bach Flower Remedies have brought me such a long way to this point of being able to ask for help and although I'm not an expert at it (yet) I know that it is encouraging others to see that we don't have to do it alone. Life is to be shared and also lived in the present. It appears that I'm losing a lot of time worrying about the future-not huge things, but enough to distract me from enjoying today. Clematis is the remedy which helps to bring your thoughts back from the future to the present and it seems that it's a good job that I've planted some at the front of the house. My little crop of impatiens are doing well although there has been frost this past week and so I'm hoping that they will survive.

I saw some Honeysuckle in Morrisons and thought I might get some. I could end up with my own little Bach garden at this rate! Or with a crop of "Linsey's Little Lighteners"!!??

Pondering on that, I'll sign off as the laundry is about to finish and need hung up. Life does go on and the secret is to enjoy it all-even hanging the laundry up!!

Signing off with much love to all for the coming week,


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